Want to strengthen your social media profiles, and create engaging connections with your audience? Fourth Wave can help you up your social media game!


What’s included: 

  • Customized images optimized for social media platforms, including Facebook cover photos, Instagram promotions, Twitter campaign graphics, and more
  •  Curated text content that authentically communicates your branding and voice to accompany social media images

During this process, we will work with you to identify purpose on social media and what sets you apart in your industry. Then we will create a content bank with images captured and created just for your brand! This can include both photography and graphic images that visual convey your message.


In collaboration with Real Focused Photography

What’s included:

  • Identify your purpose on social media and we will work with you to create a content strategy to achieve your goals
  • Learn how to create a content bank with well styled images so that you never run out of things to post
  • Master writing captions, curate hashtags to get your posts noticed, and how to use stories to engage with your audience

Group Workshop Price: $90

You’ll receive hands on instruction on how to style and capture images from Kenny Schell of Real Focused Photography, and a strong content strategy for your social media profiles with the coaching of Justine Lorch of Fourth Wave Media.