Working for not-for-profit organizations, I saw a sizeable gap in access to consistent, engaging and well-designed marketing and communications. While collaborating with truly inspiring people doing incredible work, I noticed that they often either lacked the media and design skills to create well designed content, or individuals performed so many different roles that attention had to be focused else where. With tight budgets, not-for-profits and small businesses alike struggle to afford in-house positions that solely focus on media and design projects, from the day-to-day social media communications to designing posters and informational material to promote their initiatives.

action-2277292_1920I wanted to provide an easier, more accessible and empowering way for organizations and individuals to amplify their voice through visual communications to promote local businesses, social justice movements, advocacy efforts, and thoughtful, inclusive representation in media and design.


Cropped man and woman using electronic device free imageFourth Wave focuses on empowering organizations and individuals to connect with and inspire others through graphic design, social media, and branding services. I work with small businesses, grassroots organizations, not-for-profits, and other movers and shakers of the community that uphold the same values that Fourth Wave Media advocates for.

IMG_51950.jpgThe name Fourth Wave Media comes from current discussions on the fourth wave of feminism. As our society and interpersonal relations are increasingly defined and rewired by the rapid technological innovations, some scholars and activists argue that we are in the mist of a fourth wave of feminism, diverging from the 90’s third wave through its use of the internet and social media. Whether you or not agree that a differentiated wave of feminism is indeed upon us, the values being associated with this debated fourth wave embodies the fresh feminist discourse that frames the work of Fourth Wave Media.

Fourth Wave Media is:


Sex Positive

Trans* Inclusive 


Body Positive 


and Digitally Driven!

Sparked by these values, Fourth Wave Media strives to design space for engaging visual communications and social media connections to empower small businesses, grassroots organizations, and not-for-profits, with a focus on inclusive, queer, and intersectional feminist media.