Justine here, Creative Director and Owner of Fourth Wave Media.

I am passionate about many things, but none more so than my animals, self-care, advocacy, supporting my community, and creating beautiful, inspiring designs! Mental health, invisible illness, LGBT2Q+, animal rights, and feminist media have been the focus of my personal advocacy efforts, and continues to be the fire behind my work.

During my undergrad at Western University, I became deeply passionate about intersectional feminist activism and visual communications work with not-for-profits and advocacy groups. As a graduate of the Media, Information and Technoculture program, my course work focused on media use for activism, the importance of representation, and culture jamming. Deconstructing systems of oppression and developing strategies for inclusion  have become second nature!

The framework of intersectional, sex positive, trans* inclusive feminism (currently being debated as the characteristics of the fourth wave) has shaped my approach to media design, and continues to guide my practises in graphic design, branding and social media.

I am also a proud spoonie boss and business owner! In November of 2018, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an illness which causes chronic pain, fatigue, cognitive difficulties, anxiety, depression, and has links to a host of autoimmune conditions. A big part of why I started Fourth Wave was to empower myself and take control of my life through the work that I loved, while having the flexibility to learn how to work with my illness!

Fourth Wave Media has given me the opportunity to continue the work that I love; designing for the most passionate and dedicated people out there!